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What do you think about the Mexican Beer

Mexican Beer

Mexican beer is known for its distinctive lager-like properties. It is generally light-bodied and has a delicate taste. Most of the Mexican beer is sold in 325ml bottles, but there are some beer brands such as Tecate and Modelo are often sold in Cans. It is not one of the trendy or fashionable beers that one can drink. Mexican beers are fun and refreshing, the excellent option for a day on the beach with friends or family.

Most of the bottled beer in Mexico is sold in returnable bottles, the deposit for which can be almost the price of the beer itself. Some brands are available in large bottles of 925 or 940ml such as Corona and Victoria. Mexican beer is served with lime juice especially in Mexico. 

Types of Mexican Beer:

1. Pilsner- In Mexico, there are two significant breweries that they brew are- Pilsner and Lager. The Mexican Pilsners are usually less dense and light in color and refreshing, too. Corona is the best example of a Mexican Pilsner that American people love to drink, also. Mexican brewers make Vienna-style beer that is created by mixing Pilsners with lagers. This creates a darker and creamier in taste. Overall, Pilsners are generally had aromatic, citrusy and even fruity flavor.


2. Lager- Mexican Lagers are more cumbersome and are dark in color than Pilsner. But overall lagers are amber in color and light brown in taste.  Though, in Mexican lager, you’ll find both light and dark variations with little taste of hops in some of these lagers too. Dos Equis is the best example and choice of a Mexican lager. Some of the Mexican lagers are award-winning and hugely successful beers.

3. Dark Beers- In Mexico, other than lager and pilsner, the Mexican craft breweries also brew Dark beer by using both Munich and Vienna style beers. You can also often find darker versions of pilsners and lagers such as Negra Modelo is one of the most one of the famous dark beer from Mexico that features a smooth and creamy finish.


Top List of Mexican beer and their % of Alcohol:

* Cerveceria Modelo Modelo Especial- It Contain 5 % of alcohol.

* Pacifico- It is Mexican Pilsner style beer, and firstly it was brewed in 1990. It contains 4.5 percent of alcohol.

* Dos Equis- It is an Amber Red Lager and One of the best Mexican beer in the world. It contains 4.7 % alcohol.

* Negra Modelo– It is a Munich Dunkel-style lager and contains 5.3 % of alcohol.

* Victoria- This is a pilsener-Vienna stylee beer is the most authentic beer from the Modelo’s brand that includes 4 % alcohol.

* Sol- It is a light golden lager that was brewed in 1899. It contains 4.5 % ABV. 

* Tecate- Tecate is a lager that contains 5.5 % alcohol. It is one of the best-known brands and was launched in 1992.

* Indio- It is a Vienna style lager with an amber hue and light malt caramel taste. It contains 4.5 % of alcohol by volume.

* Bohemia Obscura- It is a pale Mexican lager and one of the popular choice of beer drunkards. It includes 5.3 percent of alcohol.

* Corona- Corona is a pale lager and one of the tops selling beer worldwide. It includes 4.6 % alcohol by volume.


Other lists of Mexican beer and top brewing company:

* Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma Carta Blanca

* Baja Oatmeal Stout 

* Tijuana Morena

* Cucapá Chupacabras Pale

* Cosaco Negra

* Minerva El Dorado IPA

* Minerva Imperial Tequila Ale

* Baja Peyote Pale Ale

* Cucapá Barley Wine (Centenario)

* Cucapá Green Card

* Cucapá La Migra Imperial Stout

* Baja Black

* Cucapá La Migra Imperial Stout Winter

* Minerva Stout Imperial

 * Cucapá Lowrider Ale

* Cucapá Runaway IPA

* Cosaco Roja

* Calavera Mexican Imperial Stout

* Beer Factory Luna Llena

* Tempus Alt-Clásica

* Tempus Doble Malta

* Cucapá Tequila Barrel-Aged Barleywine

* Beer Factory Cascabel

* Beer Factory Equinnox

* Dia De Los Muertos Pay the Ferryman Porter

* Beer Factory 5 De Mayo

* Beer Factory Celebración

* Copa De Oro Sidra Ambar

* Exquitlán Sidra Avinyonet

 * Copa De Oro Vik


What is the oldest Mexican beer?

Victoria (Compañía Toluca y México) – Victoria is One of the most popular beers and oldest beer produced in Mexico. It is a Pilsener Vienna style lager that has been brewing in more than 135 years and was brewed by Group Modelo. But unlike Corona or Negro Modelo, it is not known by American people, and that’s because it was never exported. It is known for its uniqueness, and in taste, it is bitter and has a strong flavor. For its bitterness, it was one of the demanded beer in Mexico.


What are the essential ingredients used in Victoria beer?

Here are the main ingredients that Victoria contains:-

* Filtered Water

* Yeast

* Malted barley

* Corn and

* Hops.


What is the nutritional knowledge for Victoria based on a 12-ounce serving?

* Calories- 136

* Carbohydrates- 13 grams

* Protein- 1.0 grams

* Percentage of Alcohol By Volume-  4.0%


Some FAQS about Mexican oldest beer?


* How many IBUs are present in Victoria?

In Victoria, IBU’s present in 19.


* Does Victoria include gluten?

There is not any scientific method for testing the amount of gluten in beverages. So, it is difficult to tell you the accurate amount of Gluten in beer. But, yeah it contains traces of gluten in all Mexican beers.


* Is Victoria vegan-friendly?

Mexican brewers do not use any products which are derived from animals. So yes, you can enjoy this beer with a Vegan.


* What is the shelf life for Victoria?

Many factors that affect the shelf life of the beer. To fully enjoy the fresh taste of Victoria, and it is best to drink within nine months of its manufacturing date.


* Conditions for storing Victoria

Do you know, how beer is stored affects the shelf life and the quality of the beer.  Victoria should be kept in a dry, cold, away from direct sunlight before opening it. For maintaining Victoria’s great taste, it requires to get stored under 53 – 59 degrees F.  It is better to avoid extreme temperature changes so that Victoria doesn’t lose its charm.



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What do you think about the Mexican Beer

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